Release Date:
TBD, 2019

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Free- Offers in-app purchases

Epic Story Interactive
Based in Vancouver, BC

Epic Story Interactive


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Ben 10: Heroes is an action packed match 3 game


Epic Story Interactive is a small, independent studio that started in 2017 with the intention of creating exciting and immersive games based on licensed children's properties. The core of the team were together for 6 years at their previous company, DHX Media, before amicably spinning out as indies. We spent several years developing and publishing games for DHX Media's kids properties, and now we use that expertise to search out kids properties and craft licensed games that speak to the fans.

Ultimately, we are kids at heart, and we know the excitement of playing a game that's true to the world you love and have spent countless hours watching, reading,and discussing with friends. Those are the emotions we hope to kindle with our games: That breathless moment when you realize you are going on the same epic journey as the hero of your favorite story, or finally vanquishing the impossible opponent that has been casting a pall over the innocent people of your world. We hope into that innate desire to be the hero of your very own Epic Story!


The Choice is Yours!

Players will help Ben choose between 10 different alien life-forms through the use of Bens powerful omnitrix. Where each of these life forms provide the player with their own unique set of skills.

These colossal characters are inspired by the aliens from the hit TV series Ben 10. Now players can play as the one and only Wildvine Heatblast, Fourarms, Cannonbolt, Diamondhead, Overflow, Greymatter, Upgrade, XLR8, Stinkfly and soon to be more! It’s all a matter of seconds as the player will choose which of the various tile type combos will help Ben win and fight against some of the strongest villains yet!

  • Start your epic battle where the choice to transform into your Alien based on strength, speed, or intelligence is yours! Changed your mind? Don’t worry, users can strategically swap out their Alien for another mid battle to assist and help ease the hit.

  • Match an assortment of changeable type tiles to charge up your Aliens Power Gauges. Brace yourself and see their unique powers blast across the board.

  • Master your Aliens specialized abilities in combat. Encourage more tactful approaches with the use of melee and projectile attacks or help restore your allies by healing them to level up and earn experience points.

  • Explore an array of environments (10+) where the player will experience vast worlds like no other.

  • Fight your way against evil by defending yourself from their cunningly distinct abilities. Make sure you watch out for their gruesome spit attacks or mind-bending punch knockouts.

  • Engage in fun character dialogue as you watch them support Ben throughout his journey.

  • Unlock precious omnivault loot to uncover new Aliens, Coins and Gems.

  • Free available access to Beta build upon request.









Ken Faier, Dennis Leong, Chad Greenway - Executive Producers
Chad Greenway - Creative Director
Jeremy Peterson - Software Development Manager
Philip Storey - Design Department Lead
Brendan Vance - Software Engineer Department Lead
Pierre-Luc Aube - Art Department Lead
Danielle Merrithew - Lead Game Designer
JuanMi P. Esclapez - Lead Game Artist
Stuart Wallinger - Lead Software Engineer
Gordon Pang - Senior Software Engineer
Joshua Green - Senior QA Analyst
Marc Rafanan - Software Engineer
Alex Kim - Game Artist
Jennifer Bradshaw - Data Analyst
Deanna Podreciks - Game Marketer
Myke Helstein - IT Support