Ken Faier - CEO / El Presidente

Ken Faier is El Presidente and CEO of Epic Story Media and its subsidiary Epic Story Interactive. The mission for both companies is to put creators at the center of compelling and engaging franchises for kids.

Who doesn't remember that feeling we all had as a child when we fell in love with our first tv show or great character or engaging fantasy. Epic’s reason to be is to always service the goal of creating that love of story and play while always servicing the amazing talents of the world’s best creators, providing them the tools and the support to achieve their dreams of creating something that kids will remember when they become parents. Epic properties live forever!

Previously, Ken served as SVP and GM and then SVP and Executive producer for DHX Media after DHX acquired Nerd Corps Entertainment, where Ken served as El Presidente for over 10 years. Ken Faier was instrumental in building the company into a world-renowned studio with each of its original properties sold to over 150+ territories, and he continues to drive the success of those properties globally.

Ken has executive produced hundreds of episodes of original properties, including the Emmy-winning action/comedy Slugterra, League of Super Evil, Storm Hawks, Kate & Mim Mim and more recently for DHX continues to serve as Executive Producer on Mega Man for Cartoon Network, Massive Monster Mayhem for Nickelodeon and The Deep, which is airing globally on Netflix, CBBC and Super RTL.

Prior to Nerd Corps, Ken Faier was Vice President of Production and Distribution for the children’s division at Alliance Atlantis. Prior to Alliance Atlantis, Ken was with Brunico Communications where he launched KidScreen as the founding Publisher and eventually KidScreen Summit. Ken has a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University in Montreal.

Ken brings his deep experience to market in launching Epic Story and its long-term mission of bringing joy to the world! It’s Gonna be Epic!


Dennis Leong - COO / Vice President of Guitar Solos

As the COO of Epic Story Interactive Dennis brings his deep experience as a software engineer and producer to the day-to-day operations of the studio, as well as architecting our technology roadmap.

Dennis is a graduate of Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Science in Computing Science. Since jumping into the animation industry at Nerd Corps Entertainment in 2006 he has overseen several diverse projects including animation production tools, render farm services, and managerial tracking software. Working on all aspects of the animation software toolsets provided him with a complete understanding of the studio’s animation pipeline. He brought his skills to the Interactive department in late 2008, leading the software development on the League of Super Evil, Rated A For Awesome, and Slugterra websites.

In September 2011 he transitioned to supervising Nerd Corps Interactive, bringing along his history as lead software developer to support his new responsibilities. When Nerd Corps Entertainment was acquired by DHX Media in 2014, Dennis continued his role as the Interactive department supervisor, overseeing iOS, Android and website projects, maintaining the team’s schedules and budgets, introducing and fostering new studio work habits and pipeline processes, and guiding technological development. He was the project manager for the mobile games Slugterra: Slug It Out!, Marble Minions – A League of Super Evil Game, and Slugterra: Slugslinger Showdown.


Chad greenway - CCo

As the Chief Creative Officer of Epic Story Interactive Chad’s responsibilities include all creative direction for our mobile game projects, managing all stake holder goals and communication, designing UX flows and compulsion loops, setting business goals, managing the development team, gathering materials and assets, developing marketing materials and wrangling pixels.

Chad has worked in the Vancouver animation industry for over fifteen years. Over the course of his career he has worked on projects for Disney, Fox, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, BBC, Netflix, YTV and Teletoon. In 2007, Chad founded, an award winning virtual world that teaches kids about environmental stewardship and animal welfare.

In September 2011 Chad joined Nerd Corps Interactive as the Creative Director, directing all of the creative projects for the department including the Slugterra website, the Slugterra: Slug It Out! mobile game, the Slugterra: Guardian Force mobile game, the Slugterra: Slugslinger Showdown mobile game, Marble Minions – A League of Super Evil mobile game, Endangered Species: Spinball Carnival and Endangered Species: Go-Kart Smash.

In late 2014 DHX Media acquired Nerd Corps Entertainment and Chad continued in his role as Creative Director for the Interactive department. From late 2014 to September 30th 2018, Chad directed all of the projects in the DHX Interactive department including the Slugterra: Slug It Out 2 mobile game, the Massive Monster Mayhem Match mobile game, The Deep: Coral Craft mobile game, The Deep: Sea of Shadows mobile game, as well as a number of web-based games for Airmageddon and Space Ranger Roger.

Chad’s work has been nominated for a number of awards including the Canadian Screen Awards, iKids Awards and the Kidscreen Awards.